Next webinar on 26.03.2018

Dear Leaders and Firstcoin Members,

Regarding our weekly webinar, we are happy to announce our new host, MR. Kelly Temple.

1. The Webinar will take place every Thursday. The next webinar will be on 29.03.2018.
2. Time : 07:00 pm Belgrade, Bratislava, Budapest, Ljubljana, Prague, GMT +1

Mr. Kelly Temple message for you:

“Dear friends,
My name is Mr KellyTemple I am a Retired Broadcaster having worked for the BBC, ITV and Various Radio stations within the UK. Like yourselves I am an Investor with the FirstCoin Club.
I think it will take a little while for the coin to get back to where it was valued a few months ago. It is all about Supply and Demand.
I Myself have decided to Hold for the present moment and allow the New Teams to take us Forward with Good Intentions.
The Tie up with Forus and Mahala should be successful, But Requires Patience.
I hope to Host next weeks webinar so let’s connect then.”