SCAM ALERT – Fake Firstcoin Exchange

Dear Leaders and Firstcoin Members,

Please read carefully the following message about

1. In the last month we tried many times to get in touch with them on their facebook and their website, but they failed to answer. First of all this was their responsibility to get in touch with us, to legitimate their business.
2. We have members who reported them to us, because they don’t deliver what they promise. The buyers don’t receive the coins.
3. They don’t have a contact button or public contact details.
4. They promote themselves as partners of Firstcoin Club and LIVECOIN (lucky guys), but they HAVE NO CONNECTION WITH Firstcoin club or Firstcoin Project.

We kindly advise you to avoid them. If you choose to use their service, please do it on your own risk. If something is changing about this subject, we will let you know.

Do not forget to share this information with your downline.

Firstcoin Club