Important news – Livecoin Delisting

Dear FirstCoin Club member,

Livecoin Exchange Situation
Further to the numerous calls we received after livecoin suspended the Firstcoin wallet on the 14th we have contacted livecoin seeking an explanation to their message posted. They have informed us that they are investigating reversed transactions from the past on the blockchain

A few of the transactions below are examples of such transactions:

TX ID: e7db732aaf75c5a32d79356c1a6a7802c4de009c1dcbdfdbc06a36334e9b93cc
Date: 2018-02-01 10:02:58
Amount: 3590
Confirmations: 57

TX ID: c073faf55f2355d3db312f1bd4d620945ceb0d8812a67735f0eca56e3f41172b
Date: 2018-01-18 23:02:30
Amount: 1067
Confirmations: 85

TX ID: 3a212133c571c4a617057e0194e559d151858135b9f04ff6a437e11c9f07701d
Date: 2018-01-17 16:26:50
Amount: 769
Confirmations: 87

TX ID: 891798099093eb7c867338c8b18a57105e9e64e15fb4785ece1a2f6e556a2a5e
Date: 2018-01-17 18:22:34
Amount: 769
Confirmations: 110

You can check them in blockchain, click on the block hash to discover -1 confirmations (rejected block). This is a very good example that the Blockchain cannot be hacked nor defrauded.

As per our previous newsletter we asked for patience to investigate all transactions of missing coins sent from exchanges to the club wallets and complaints we picked up on the 14th of February following the new management team taking over from the previous owners on the 13th of February 2018. We promised on the webinar we would always be transparent with the network and keep you informed of all developments as we have proved in the last three days.

The Management would do everything in its power to resolve all pending issues and corporate and fully support all government agencies or legal entities with their investigation of the alleged fraud been perpetrated in the past.

Please only read all official communiqué from the management team, as we will keep you abreast of all developments. We appreciate it’s a turbulent time but we ask for your renewed support and patience in resolving all queries with the help of the authorities.

Rest assured we would build our coin with all your support in its new era to be listed as a top 20 coins.

Yours sincerely,
First Coin Management Board